AWS Elastic Load Balancer

A load balancer is a device that acts as a reverse proxy and distributes the application traffic across multiple servers. This results in increased capacity and greater reliability of the applications running behind the load balancer. Generally load balancers are grouped into 2 types Layer 4 load balancer - Acts on the data available in network … Continue reading AWS Elastic Load Balancer

AWS VPC Network Security

One of my earlier post on AWS Virtual Private Cloud described  the basics of VPC including some of the security features it offers to control which packets move in and out of the VPC. In this article let's look at the VPC network security in further detail. Following diagram shows an example of how the security groups and … Continue reading AWS VPC Network Security

AWS VPC – NAT Instances and NAT Gateway

NAT Overview Network Address Transaction (NAT) is a technique of assigning a public IP address to a host or a group of hosts within a private network such that all egress network packets have the same public source IP address. NAT helps in limiting the number of public IP addresses required for a private network to … Continue reading AWS VPC – NAT Instances and NAT Gateway

AWS Virtual Private Cloud

AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a web service that allows provisioning of a logically isolated infrastructure in the public cloud with its own IP address range, subnets, internet gateway, ACLs and route table configuration. It can be thought of as an isolated data center in AWS. VPC does all the heavy lifting and makes it … Continue reading AWS Virtual Private Cloud

AWS – Simple Workflow Service

AWS Simple Workflow Service (SWF) is a web service that helps in coordinating the execution of automated tasks and human tasks within a workflow. The processing steps can be execution of scripts and code, web service calls, human action etc. SWF Workers and Deciders Workers are programs that interact with SWF service to get the tasks, … Continue reading AWS – Simple Workflow Service

AWS – Simple Notification Service

Message-oriented Middleware (MoM) supports a messaging type in which the messages can be broadcasted to multiple message consumers known as message subscribers. AWS Simple Notification Service is a type of messaging service in the cloud that is based on the pub-sub model. It allows the message publisher to send a message to a Topic which has multiple subscribers that … Continue reading AWS – Simple Notification Service

AWS – Simple Queue Service

Message-oriented Middleware (MoM) allows various applications and microservices within an enterprise to communicate with each other by sending messages asynchronously. Some of the MoMs traditionally used by enterprises are Websphere MQ, Active MQ, TIBCO, Rabbit MQ etc. Message Queue is used for point to point communication between the message producer and message consumer. AWS Simple … Continue reading AWS – Simple Queue Service

AWS – DynamoDB

DynamoDB is a NoSQL database service that provides consistent, fast, scalable and reliable access to the fully managed database in the cloud. It supports both the key-value and document data models widely used in e-commerce, IoT, mobile and any internet scale application. DynamoDB stores the data on SSD storage and replicates it across 3 availability zones. It … Continue reading AWS – DynamoDB

Content Delivery Network (CDN) and AWS CloudFront

Content Delivery Network Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a distributed network that delivers the web content to the user from the server that is nearest to the user location. CDN allows the content to be delivered to users very quickly and with minimal latency since the host servers are located quite close to the geographic location … Continue reading Content Delivery Network (CDN) and AWS CloudFront

AWS – Simple Storage Service (S3) and Storage Gateway

Simple Storage Service There are 2 types of storage- Object Based - Used for storing files like photographs, videos, documents etc. Block Based - Used for database storage, installing operating system etc. You can read more about cloud storage in my post on Cloud Storage Types – Object, Block and File AWS Simple Storage Services … Continue reading AWS – Simple Storage Service (S3) and Storage Gateway